My Mother is hilarious! I mean, anyone who has ever met her probably left in pain due to so much laughter. Mother is so wise! Anyone that asks for her advice is left empowered due to her unique ability to craft words into the perfect sentences you need at that moment. My Mother is dope! Anyone who meets her will second that. Two years ago, I started my podcast, and every time I have my Mother on as a guest, people ALWAYS request to hear more from her. For all of these reasons and so many more, I am excited to present to you JustEldredge Media’s newest show, The Simply Paulette Podcast!

The Simply Paulette Podcast is relevant to Mothers because she has six beautiful children, with me being her favorite. It is appropriate for women and men who are married because she was married for 30 years to my Father, and during that time, she gained a lot of wisdom. This podcast is perfect for those seeking new love because, after 30 years of marriage, she got divorced and, years later, found herself in the dating game after so much has changed. This podcast will be instrumental for women in business because she has been a serial entrepreneur all of her life. She has experienced the highs and the lows, but her determination and grit have never wavered. Lastly, this podcast is for that person who needs to hear that wise, encouraging, funny, and motivating message from a Sister, friend, Mother, or Coach.

For years I have witnessed my Mother speak life into everyone she has ever encountered. I can share stories about her talking estranged teens off the ledge when they wanted to jump, speaking courage into women who were too scared to get out of their situation, bringing joy to those who may be experiencing depression, and that’s only naming a few.

Paulette is different. She is refreshing, and she is what is needed in the podcast world right now. I listen to many podcasts, and there are so many great shows available, but I am confident that there is nothing on the market that will compare to this podcast we are about to release. Currently, podcast networks build their roaster on celebrities, athletes, politicians, and many other types of characters that will bring immediate attention to the podcast. Still, those personalities do not always live up to the hype of their reputation. I told my Mother when we started this journey that I did not need her to be a superstar, a politician, or even a major artist. I just needed her to be Simply Paulette. I need you all to get ready and stay tuned for another JustEldredge Media production! For those who feel that I am biased and my opinion is not to be trusted or just want to hear what she is talking about, I will let you decide on your own text “Paulette” to 770-746-8324 for an exclusive sneak peek release.


  • Yvonne Fuller says:

    I’ve known Paulette Washington for at least 15 years or more from church our families’ mutually attended. Those were the days when she was coming from a “holiness/pentecostal background. We had a conversation once in the lobby of our church concerning wardrobe and being plus sized women. She told me she wanted to learn how to dress fly, like my daughter and I, cause she wanted to dress fly too. All three of us were cracking up as she made fun about dressing according to what religion dictates. And sure enough, Paulette started dressing really sharp as she re-invented herself to become one if the most beloved and hip mom in our congregation. And this woman can sing you to tears. Our Bishop used to say her singing was like spiritual B12 for us. But on a serious note, I admire Ms Washington so much because of the beautiful adult children who all are impacting their communities and neighbors in such meaningful ways, individually. Apparently both parents sowed a lot of quality time developing these accomplished dope young adults. Though I know as humans, they’re imperfect but I genuinely admire Paulette and her awesome adult children. I’m sure I’ll be delighted with this blog and podcast. It’ll be my pleasure

  • Ethel Higgins says:

    Here There!

    This is awesome! So glad she is doing this. Sending love to yall!

    Ethel (aka LadyE)!xxoo

  • What a beautiful way to share your mom’s giftings with the world!! Thank you for being the example so many young people need! In general I donot watch podcasts, but because I do know her, I will watch hers!!

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