Two years ago, I sat down with Attorney Durante Partridge, and he changed my entire trajectory towards success. Durante gave me the game and stressed the importance of creating better systems and infrastructure so my business could begin to reach its full potential. He reviewed my business models, adjusted my corporate structure, trademarked my brand(s), and made himself available for every question I had about business law and strategy.

I can honestly say working with Durante has made me a better entrepreneur and secured my value overall as a creative. So when my team and I began to dream about what type of content we wanted to create, his name was one of the first on our list. At JustEldredge Media, we take pride in creating content that entertains, educates, empowers, and elevates the people.

That’s Law is a business law podcast that gives professional context to many unanswered questions that Creatives and Entrepreneurs have. Attorney Durante, the founder and managing partner of Lions Den Legal, has over nine years of experience in business and entertainment law. Now he is bringing that knowledge and insight to the mic. This podcast is for artists, entrepreneurs, producers, techies, authors, athletes, and anyone looking to take their business to the next level and successfully navigate the challenging waters of legal business matters.

JustEldredge Media is proud to present its newest podcast. We need all of our listeners and supporters to listen, share, rate, review, and subscribe to the newest and soon to be the hottest podcast in the game.

Text “Law” to 770-746-8324 to receive exclusive content from Attorney Durante Partridge and get an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about business and law.

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